Our school is a member of the worldwide network Eduroam. It is a community (of educational institutions in particular) that offers free Internet connection, mostly using the Wi-Fi technology.

Our students and teachers can use the connection wherever it is possible and free of charge.  In return for that, other members of Eduroam can connect via our infrastructure.

To use the network, it is necessary to follow the following:

Log in using your own credentials only. Users from our school have usernames following the pattern, where username (and the password) is identical with the school computers login credentials.

To set up your device, the following data will be necessary. Although the login forms differ, you will surely figure out what and where to fill.

  • SSID:
Eduroam *

* This will appear during the search for the network already.

  • Encryption:
  • Security:
  • Authentication:

By connecting to the network you agree with Eduroam policy that you can read here.

more detailed information

More detailed information about connecting your device is available here.

Information about the Eduroam system to be found here.